Lash Extensions with love

Before & After Lash Extensions

Before & After Lash Extensions

Sometimes I wonder why it is that anyone would want to have their lashes done? Is it to avoid the makeup routine in the morning or is it just to add a boost in their overall lashes?

Either way, it came to my attention that the benefits from lash extensions are plentiful. First off who doesn’t enjoy the effect of waking up and feeling oh so pretty the moment you wake up and lets not forget to mention not having to fuss around with mascara.

Then there’s the no makeup makeup wearer. Talk about an instant boost to your overall look without even having to put on a stitch of makeup. I would call that a winning scenario.

So now I have you newbies wondering why in the hell have I not experienced this amazing beauty service? Well it may be from the fact of being scared of having someone not listen to you and do your lashes in a very unflattering way and with no love towards your actual real lashes.

Natalie at Polish and Glo is all about giving you what you want and also letting you know when things aren’t going to be the best for your natural lash health. Instead of just giving the client what she wants which is beyond the safe selection for your lashes she will walk you through with options that will best suit you and your healthy lashes.

All in all, you should try out the amazing world of lash extensions and it would be such a pleasure of Natalie to help you anytime for a free consultation on your customized lash experience.


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